Cut your phone bills in half

Most people are paying way too much for their long distance calls - and most people don't even realize what their current rates are. If you are one of these people, we can help you save money and provide more services than you currently have. Do you have your own personal 800#? Are you dialing those inconvenient 10-10 numbers? Call 1-866-701-2191 now to lower your long distance bills and to receive your own 800#.

Tom Myrick's telephone calls were average and his typical long distance bill was $36.00 per month. Tom switched to the FDT long distance plan and now his monthly bills are less than $20.00. Not only did his monthly bills get cut by about half, he now has an 800# for his kids to call when they don't have change with them (which is virtually all of the time). Tom now feels like his kids are much safer now that they can reach the home phone from any payphone.

Here are the specifics:

Switch to FDT and you will get 5.9 per minute state-to-state rates
No monthly service charges
No minimum usage
Same low rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Calls to the personal 800# are at the same low rates
In-state rates vary by state, but are the lowest available
No sign-up fee
No contract to sign
6 second billing (most companies round to the next minute)
No codes to dial
Free travel cards - at a low rate of 13.9 per minute

Call 1-866-701-2191 now to sign up now and start saving money.

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