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Discover your individual nutritional needs!

From: <drjohn@medstaff.healthwatch.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 08:18:24 -0500
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Dear Health Enthusiast

If you&#8217;re looking to truly improve your health, help prevent disease, lose weight, increase energy levels and overall quality of life, I&#8217;ve found a simple to use, science-based system that can customize a nutritional program for you that will provide immediate results. No more off-the-shelf, mass-produced vitamin supplements!

Like you, I want to live a long and productive life and I want to live it on my terms. I&#8217;ve tried just about every health improvement / nutritional program there is and none of them met my unique individual nutritional needs until a doctor friend of mine gave me access to a cutting-edge online nutritional needs analysis. Now, I&#8217;ve taken these tests before and have been less than impressed. But my friend pointed out that a Harvard doctor, using only &#8220;peer reviewed science&#8221; designed this program. After filling in my information and checking out the reasons for each recommended nutrient I must say I was duly impressed. 

I could take several more pages and explain why this program is the best of the best, but if your health is not one of your top priorities I don&#8217;t want to take another minute of your time.

But, if living life to its fullest is high on your &#8220;to do list&#8221; I encourage you to click on the following link for more information about this amazing program that takes the guess work out of what nutritional supplements you really need. I am living proof that this program delivers on its promise to provide you with a nutritional program that meets your individual needs, enabling you to achieve optimum health and vitality. You have nothing to lose&#8230;.the test is simple, fast and best of all its FREE!

For more information send an email with the subject "test" to drcohen@medstaff.port5.com
or click below

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