Chinese friend

    My name is Ma Hong Wei,I'm glad to meet you.Do you like antigues
with oriental style? From no on,I believe ,we'll become friends.
     I like antigues very much and loun a small antigue shop selling
porcelain and pottery wares, jade articles,fossils,calligrapiy and
paintings and some bronze, brass or copper wares,My shop is in Xin
Zheng of Henan Province,the middle part of China,It was an ancient 
capital of 3000 years ago with a long cultural heritage Its old city
walls have been reserved to this day.
     Welcome to Xin Zheng, What do you like to collect? please tall
me in lotters,My addreos.
   Ma Hong Wei
   25 Dong Cheng Road,
   Xin Zheng,
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