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Open Letter

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Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 11:35:33 -0500
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His Excellency, President Hossney Mubarak
		    		President of Egypt.

Justice International finds it inevitable to send your Excellency an open message after recent actions taken by the government of Egypt. Once again the Egyptian government’s arrests and the presidential decree to try a group of prominent intellectuals and professionals by military tribunal is a violation not only of the articles of the Egyptian constitution, and the rights of citizenship but also of the International law, and the International Charter for Human Rights. GOs and NGOs for Human Rights are still classifying Egypt as one of the countries where Human Rights are most consistently violated – according to the reports and records of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch -.

Mr. President,
After the events of the 11th of September and their impact on all people, nations, and states, it is becoming extremely important for states administrations to adhere to the International Charter for Human Rights, and not to violate it to prevent the growth of fanaticism, and for the governments to rule their people with fairness and justice. The basic values of fairness and justice Mr. President include trying civilians before civilian courts, in which all demands of protest, defendce, and appeal are granted.

Mr. President,
As Egypt is one of the very few countries in which the president chairs the Juridical System, Justice International herby, appeals to you to use your authority to release the defendants, or at least try them in front of civilian courts, and to put an end to the process of trying civilians in front of military tribunals.

Justice International.      

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