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Great News! Your Own Online Newsletter for only $9

From: Charlie Page <netprojects@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 19:43:55 -0600
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If you have ever wanted to have your own professional online
newsletter, but have been discouraged by the cost and time
involved, I have VERY GOOD NEWS for you today.

Now you can have your own professionally written newsletter

AND... a special Christmas offer for business COACHES,
MENTORS, and CONSULTANTS worth ** $647 ** for the first one
hundred people who order by December 21st! Not some e-Book
that you won't have time to read, this special includes a

You can order now and produce your newsletter later, but you
must order by Dec. 21st to get the special bonus available
only via email. 

The most proven method on the Internet to consistently make
more sales is by having your own newsletter (ezine).

When it comes to making sales it's a fact that prospects
must see your sales message an average of seven times before
they buy. They need to be presented with a variety of
compelling reasons to buy what you offer. Plus, the more
they GET TO KNOW YOU the more comfortable they will be doing
business with you.

Need to educate a first time buyer about exactly how your
services will benefit them? Use your newsletter to do just
that. Do you answer the same questions frequently regarding
the services you provide? Use your own ezine to inform
clients and earn their business and their trust.


There are a thousand ways to use a newsletter to your
advantage. People love to receive newsletters and will be
excited to receive yours. 

In today's world who has the time to stay in close contact
with clients and prospects? 


NEWSLETTERS WORK to sell, to educate, to inspire, and to
keep your foot in the door. Now you can accomplish these
goals for ONLY NINE BUCKS AN ISSUE. You have nothing to lose
and a world of good to gain with Nine Buck Newsletters®. 

Interested? HERE'S WHAT TO DO. 

Simply send any email to mailto:nbn@charliepage.com to learn
more about this exciting offer. You will receive a letter
explaining in EXACT DETAIL how you can have your own
newsletter for only $9 an issue and how to get started. 

If you know now that a newsletter is for you, see the simple
ordering instructions at the bottom of this letter.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-release offer. It's not even
available on my web site yet. If you don't need a newsletter
but need other copywriting work, I invite you to visit me at
http://www.charliepage.com/wa/18 or call me toll free at
Take the next step and get that detailed information via
email. I won't call you, email you a hundred times, or
pester you in any way. In fact, this letter is being sent
only once. 

Newsletters work. Let's make them work for you. 

My best for your success.

Charlie Page 

P.S. Ever wanted to offer YOUR clients a dynamic newsletter
to help their business grow? Now you can with the Nine Buck
Newsletters® affiliate program. Just write to
nbnaffiliate@charliepage.com for details on how you can help
your clients and yourself too. A classic win-win!


All items below include a one time set-up, the first month's
distribution and the appropriate number of issues for your

** These links are quite long. If they don't work in your
email program, please simply copy and paste them into your
browser **

To order your WEEKLY EZINE


To order your BI-WEEKLY EZINE


To order your MONTHLY EZINE



To subscribe to our free "Market Maker" Newsletter send any
email to mailto:join-mm@charliepage.com  

If you have received this mailing in error, or do not wish
to receive any further mailings from us, simply send an
email to mailto:remove@charliepage.com

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