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supply silicon metal and magnesium ingots

From: <sales@globalsilicon.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 17:20:31 +0800
To: siliconmetal86@hotmail.com
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From: Julian Chan
      Tel: 86-592-2202553 Fax: 86-592-2202441
      Website: http://www.jaco.com.cn
      E-mail: sales@globalsilicon.com

Dear Sir,

We know your esteemed company from "Metal Bulletin" and we take this chance to introduce us as a leading producer and exporter of Silicon and Magnesium metal in China.

JACO METAL LIMITED is the window set by Fujian Minxing Group which specialize in developing water power electricity industry with a fixed asset total RMB200 million, the Group comsumes its electricity to produce 10,000mts silicon metal, that's why we are the key competitive supplier of silicon in China.As the sales representative of Shanxi Magnesium plant with a capacity of 10,000mts per year, JACO METAL LIMITED is responsible for selling Magnesium, Magnesium Alloy, Magnesium powder for the group.

JACO METAL LIMITED was organized by parterners with a lifetime's experience in the nonferrous metals business to make sure of your quality, quantity, and delievery. You will be satisfied with our professional service.

We are pleased to send you our catalogue as follows:

Silicon metal Series
1. High purity silicon #1101
2. High purity silicon #2202
3. High purity silicon #3303
4. High purity silicon #3305
5. High purity silicon #4404
6. Metallurgical and chemical silicon #331
7. Metallurgical and chemical silicon #441
8. Metallurgical and chemical silicon #553
9. Ferro Silicon
10. Silicon metal micro powder

Magnesium Series
1. Magnesium ingots special grade
2. Magnesium ingots grade 1
3. Magnesium ingots grade 2
4. Magnesium ingots grade 3
5. Magnesium alloy AM50A
6. Magnesium alloy AM60A
7. Magnesium alloy AM60B
8. Magnesium alloy AM20
9. Magnesium alloy AZ91D
10. Magnesium alloy AZ91HP
11. Magnesium alloy AZ31
12. Magnesium alloy AZ10A
13. Magnesium alloy AS41A
14. Magnesium alloy AS21
15. Magnesium powder FM1
16. Magnesium powder FM2
17. Magnesium powder FM3
18. Magnesium powder FM4
19. Magnesium powder FM5
20. Magnesium Granules MH-93
21. Magnesium Granules MH-91
22. Magnesium chips
23. Magnesium Ends

1. Granite
2. Graphite electrodes
3. Graphite electrode powder or chips
4. Graphitized Petroleum Coke
5. Ferro Molybdenum

Anything you interested, pls do not hesitate to contact us.
Tel: 86 592 2202553
Fax: 86 592 2202441
Email: sales@globalsilicon.com
URL: www.globalsilicon.com
Julian Chan
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