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My Personal Internet Search Engine

From: OpenSearch <promotions@opensearch.info>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 01 22:47:00 EST
To: users@opensearch.info
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What is OpenSearch?
As you well know, there are many Internet search engines. They all have
only one method for giving you the most important web pages. But you are
not just another Internet user, you are an unique person who needs a personal
Internet search service that adapts to you and not viceversa.

How it Works
OpenSearch allows you to create your own Internet search engine easily. You
determine which relevance method is more important for you, and what type
of web pages are more important for you. OpenSearch can build multiple search
accounts, each of them having its own personality and uniqueness.

You can build your own search engine, or you can select from the already built
search engines, either by us or by other OpenSearch users.

Order Today and Get FREE Search Help
For only $1.25 a month you can enjoy your Internet search engine powered by
OpenSearch. You get as a bonus FREE help on searching the net with our up
coming feature "Ask an Expert" (Q1 2002) if you order today!

What is "Ask an Expert"?
OpenSearch does not want to be just another engine, even if it's more personal
for you. We want to offer you a personal and human service you can count on.
You will be able to ask one of our Internet experts on what you are looking for
using your own words. Searching the net has never been so easy. We will 
introduce this feature during the first quarter of 2002.

How Do I Start?
Just visit:


You will be able to order from this page and get more information.

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list or you signed up with one of our partners. 

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