WWW-TV: Some tv: URI Application Scenarios

Per our telecon this morning, please add the following tv: URI application
scenarios to the official list.  Note that the URI examples are meant to
further explain the scenarios by example, and are *not* necessarily meant
as a proposed syntax, or even that all these should be the same URI scheme.

1. Given the use of an HTML-like presentation language, place a tv screen
in an rendering frame, such as:

	<IMG SRC=tv:>

2. Provide (1) above, but in addition specify a query mechanism into the
receiver EPG in a technology-independent manner (ie not relying on specific
ATSC, DVB, etc SI fields), such as:


3. Provide (1) above, but permit network-specific tuning, such as:


4. Provide (1) above, but permit physical layer tuning, such as:


5. Provide (1) above, but be able to uniquely address authored streaming
content (video and/or audio) in a globally unique, network-independent, and
transmitter-independent manner, such as (stealing Craig's example):


6. Reference discrete web content (as opposed to streaming video and audio)
being broadcast by a network, and *not* available via the internet with any
known scheme (ie HTTP or FTP), and provide a globally unique reference to it:


7. Reference standard web content that is *also* being made available and
delivered via some tv data broadcast to local cache:


Maybe some of these can be combined in a design, and maybe not.  For now, I
would prefer that they remain separate scenarios in our list while we sort
through them.


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Received on Tuesday, 15 December 1998 14:12:50 UTC