AW: E-E: Re: URL: Comments on TV URI reqs I-D

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Date: Thu, Nov 19 1998

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From: Henning Timcke <>
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Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 22:54:25 +0100
Subject: AW: E-E: Re: URL: Comments on TV URI reqs I-D

I strongly recommend to keep out of analog broadcasting and storage on videotapes.
Focus on digital.
Information on tape can be digitized, later.
Henning Timcke

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Betreff:	Re: E-E: Re: URL: Comments on TV URI reqs I-D

   >Well, (an ATSC) box already has PSIP + EPG + ... data to work from, so
   >we just tell it how to do the transformation.
   >Cable, satellite, etc. may use different data, but they can do the same job.

   Great.  Plus we need to make it work with analog as well as digital
   The problem is how you resolve the "different data".

The specific formats and interpretation are up to whoever defines the
other protocols.

We are trying to ensure that DASE URLs (and much of DASE itself) will
work over ATSC, DVB, Intercast, DSS, and other protocols (this is an
informal list, subject to change, etc.).  Of course, since we are an
ATSC working group, we will produce a document covering ATSC.