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At 02:36 PM 11/18/98 -0500, Gomer Thomas wrote:
>I worry that we will come up with an excellent scheme which meets all
>needs for DTV, but objections will be raised that it does not meet this
>requirement, because it does not properly allow identification of
>resources recorded on a video tape and stored on a bookshelf, or
>resources on IPX/SPX or SNA or DECnet networks, or resources on a
>proprietary back channel network used by some cable operator.
I agree.  Additionally, I think I hear that there is some desire for a
single scheme to refer to broadcast data AND audio/video programming.  It
would probably be better to separate these two efforts, and to make a basic
and simple scheme that can be built upon later.

In my mind, there are a few basic requirements that would solve the
problems of content authors for referring to a/v programming:

 - It should be simple to write a URL that says: "tune into this channel"

 - And a little bit harder to write a URL that says: "tune into this program"

 - And it shouldn't matter if I'm watching it on cable, terrestrial or via

To do this, some kind of authority or database will be needed to resolve
tuning parameters from channel & program identifiers, just like DNS is
needed to resolve IP addresses from domain and host names.  Electronic
Program Guides (EPGs) are one way to do this, but a more centralized system
(or a hybrid) may also be appropriate.

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