Re: URL: Background and Requirements

From: Warner ten Kate (
Date: Fri, Nov 06 1998

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Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 09:00:55 +0100
From: Warner ten Kate <>
To: Simon Gibbs <>
Subject: Re: URL: Background and Requirements

[I send this yesterday, but the message seems to get lost.
this is a repeat.]

Simon Gibbs wrote:
> Perhaps it helps to think of three different "families" of URLs.In
> 1) broadcast URLs
> 2) home network URLs
> 3) "normal" URLs - http:// and others currently in use

This is an interesting approach, which may bring us further.
I would like to see that we specify the relation between these 
families, such as to enable transition between the various domains.

Somehow we have to prevent to end up with a series of URLs,
each designed for its particular usage (which disclassifies 
them as Uniform, I guess).