AW: AICI: Re: AIC Architecture 0.2

From: Henning Timcke (
Date: Mon, Oct 26 1998

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From: Henning Timcke <>
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Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 20:52:45 +0100
Subject: AW: AICI: Re: AIC Architecture 0.2

Hello Oliver, all
I will consult my agenda and invest as much as time possible in joining in the topics below. I focus on cross standards and conformance. Can we receive any feedback from w3c to the shortcuts below ?
I'll be back on wednesday.

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Hello Henning, all

> I just read the working Draft.
> There is a lot of sense in it. Sense about topis discussed in and
> How will this be bridged ?
> I think all of the topics dicussed are of relevance to and  (e.g semantic of time).

Right,I think the topic is fairly hot. The following shortcuts may
summarize my position:

- The problem can be stated in many manners. AIC states the problem for
its customer and aim to solve it. Often, the problem is not stated

- We are not done yet. None of the existing solutions can pretend to
solve this problem efficiently. Each of the pretending "standard" has
got  dark spots (not enough room to make the list here :-)

- We need cross standards expertise. The problem AIC has to solve can
not be solved by one only community of expertise (or it will not be done
rightly, see the dark spots above :-). AIC could be the place where all
these people meet to satisfy together timely some precise industry

- AIC is not a standardization body. AIC liaise with the relevant body
and community. The less is done in AIC, the better. But we need to be
sure that puting all the bricks together, then it'll work (that's why
AIC will probably develop a reference software implementation).

> What is the exact meaning of 7. Conformance ?

See the interest of cross standards :-)

I will certainly not adventure myself in a field on which I am far to be
an expert. But mainly:
- conformance identify points in the architecture where conformance to
the standard can be measured (ex: the received text of an HTML file).
- conformance identify how the conformance is measured at these points
(ex: the syntax has to be XML compliant).

HTML for example does not define any conformance point for the
rendering. (the place of the elements varies from one browser to
another, making life quite hard for content creator). Still, there is a
conformance point at the parsing stage (the received file has to be HTML
x.y compliant).

AIC needs to define for its customers strong notion of conformance
because in many of the scenarii envionned, the server will not know nor
have the possibility to query if he is talking to a Microsoft, a
Netscape or a Philips receiver and the content creator want his content
to look "exactlythe" same.

Kind regards,