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I think the appropriate thing is to review/coordinate with other W3C groups
(especially the HTML group) and I would like to participate in that process.

While I think it would be appropriate to review any ATSC approved spec that
comes out of DASE, I don't think that should mean any endorsement of any of
the current conflicting proposals in DASE - and BHTML is just one of those
proposals.  It's one that I believe conflicts with and duplicates work
already being done in the W3C in other groups.  I don't think our group
should grant the BHTML proposal any special status.

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> Subject: Getting started
> In the immediate future, we need to address the following 
> discussion items from
> 1) Document on TV-specific requirements on CSS
> 2) Document on "tv" URL-scheme
> The page already lists a number of people that have 
> expressed interest to do the work required here.
> It also lists the current status that I'm aware of, e.g. 
> which documents already exist.
> To get started, I guess the best way to procede is
> for one or more of the people listed as "workers" for
> each topic to come up with strawman proposal(s) on these 
> topics, and send them to this list. To distinguish between 
> the two topics, please put "URL:" or "CSS:" at the beginning 
> of the subject line.
> The page also lists a discussion item on a "Document on
> TV-specific requirements on HTML". My feeling is that
> this has been a bit overtaken by events since the IG proposal
> was written, since different groups have already started to work on
> this (see page for details)  
> If there are no objections, I would thus like to change 
> this work item into reviewing eventual working
> drafts coming out of these groups on whether they meet the
> TV-specific requirements they claim to address,
> rather than writing our own requirements document. 
> However, I'm open to suggestions.
> -Philipp Hoschka, W3C
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