Reflector on MPEG-4 and the Web

From: Olivier AVARO - France Telecom - CNET (
Date: Tue, Jul 14 1998

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 15:12:37 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: Olivier AVARO - France Telecom - CNET <>
Subject: Reflector on MPEG-4 and the Web

Dear all,

As a follow up of the Sophia meeting, we decided to set up a reflector
on joint MPEG-4 and W3C activity with the following mandate :

1. Clarification & mutual education (e.g. of SMIL, MPEG-4)
2. Look at applications 
3. Define possible areas of cooperation

I volunteered to chair this activity from the MPEG-4 side, and a volunteer
was expected from the W3C side. Please let me know asap who will co-chair
this activity.

The reflector has been set up :
list :
subscribe : 
with the kind help of Thomas Stingl from FZI.

I want also to let you know that during the Dublin meeting, the result
of the Sophia meeting has been presented to the MPEG community as a
whole. One of the decision was to set up an Ad Hoc group (MPEG working
group) with an associated reflector. Ideally, the these two activity
should merge or both disappear :-)

My intention, after the W3C co-chair is clarified, and that people get
subscribe, is to send an extended kickoff message clarifying the mandate
above. Let's say beginning of next week.

Suggestions ?

Kind regards,