http response header to alter requested page url?


Is there an http response header to alter requested page url?

Instead of doing an http redirect, I want to serve the page with a
modified url.  I want to avoid the redirect for performance reasons.

Content-Location appears inappropriate because as rfc2616 says:
"The Content-Location value is not a replacement for the original
   requested URI; it is only a statement of the location of the resource
   corresponding to this particular entity at the time of the request.
   Future requests MAY specify the Content-Location URI as the request-
   URI if the desire is to identify the source of that particular

NB In the scenario I am dealing with, the modified url will only differ
in it's url params.  If I was using http post instead of http get, I
could freely modify the associated form data without a second thought,
but I've gone down the get path (no pun intended).

Sorry if this is an inappropriate question for this list.


Received on Friday, 18 June 2004 13:50:51 UTC