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Does anyone know how to.....

From: Terry Wilkinson <terry.wilkinson001@msd.govt.nz>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:51:28 +1200
To: www-talk@w3.org
Message-id: <3EE01DD0.7F430010@msd.govt.nz>
..create a javascript or other coding (e.g. C+ etc) , that will allow me
to OPEN a .bmp file from a hyperlink in a html page in a browser (IE and
Netscape only required), direct into: Microsoft Paint (paint.exe for Win
2000/XP) or Microsoft Paintbrush (pbrush.exe for 9x -ME) depending on
the users operating system

I need the single mouse click on the hyperlink to determine which
operating system is current (Windows versions only), which will then
identify the appropriate .exe file (paint.exe or pbrush.exe), which will
then open the .bmp file direct into the application for editing (e.g.
colouring in).

At present, such a hyperlink only opens the browser image editor by
default. I wish to bypass this totally. I also wish to bypass any
default associations that Windows may have set for .bmp files i.e. some
other image editing programs.

Can anyone help me by sharing their wisdom and knowledge with me please.


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