Html printing on pre preprinted stationary

I have pre printed stationary(UB92 Print Form) which has labels and printing space just below the label to print data.I am writing a web based program(Jsp & Bean) to print data at the correct position for continuous printing with dot-matrix printer.I started with a html where I created the replica of the stationary with all labels and lines.I entered some fixed value in the specified printing area(where data has to be printed).I am creating form as a table in each TR of the parent table.Printing looks ok for a single page and problem starts with the successive pages.Height of each table is changing(I didn't mention height of the table and used font size much smaller than the size of TD).Whenever printer starts printing next page it skips some pixels and start printing much below the starting point.I also tried to make the entire page as table(including top and bottom margin) but even this approach became in vain.
Please suggest me to how to control page break.Is there any way to customize it?Or if you have better suggestion then please get back to me.

Received on Thursday, 29 May 2003 08:53:33 UTC