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From: Sebastian Muniz <sjmuniz@hotpop.com>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 09:22:51 -0500
To: www-talk@w3.org
Cc: Wentworth_Society@go.com
Message-Id: <20030506092251.7c767e66.sjmuniz@hotpop.com>

Geee I love you, as Argentinian, I love your comment :)
I'm in a University, and with the international	exchange, you know,
we get in touch with many persons from very different parts of the world.

Turns out that people from Mexico, a Chile, a Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay,
India, Rusia, Japan (... just to mention the ones _i_ have meet...
damm they are to much), are really upset.

Well, put it this way...
Almost every person not living in USA in this world wants _all_ of you dead...
you or your goverment, i don't know.

There's something wrong with _your_ country, isn't it?

A country that feeds their citizens with the blood and energy of the
rest of the world, that pays popular revolts to kick democratic governments,
that pays _my_ country goverments to be able to steal our Antartida, use out
Patagonia as a nuclear tash depot, and that sinks _my_ fishermen boats to
steal _our_ (from _our_ sea coast) fish, that presses
with nuclear bombs the rest of the world, that corrupts people on other countries
as you did on every place you've set a foot, doesn't deserve a great deal of respect.

_You_ (and the cia, pentagon, all that pice of shit) are the big terrorist here. 

Do you know a single good person that _needs_ all the army your country has?

Do you know a single good person that invented the terrible things you've
invented in the name of freedom and peace in the world? Do you know other
single army that used a H bomb? an atomic bomb? that uses Depleted Uranium in
it's ammunition to kill babyes women, mans, old mans, and everything that puts between
you and your "soon to be wasted and bad used" energy resources? 
You know who planned and helped the recent hit against Venezuela goverment?

Please, look at the numbers, the killed, the pictures...


IF you'd be so kind just to read some of that link, and be honest, and look for
more information in internet, and to check it up, i'm pretty sure you'll retire that
stupid mail you posted.

Sorry, but as a citizen of the world i had to say this.

El dia Mon, 5 May 2003 17:19:11 +0530 "Somnath Banerjee" <somnath@cse.iitkgp.ernet.in> me decia que :
| I also agree that it is not a mailing list for Political discussion but for
| technical one....So please don't send this type of spam again..
| But I must say something for your "American Duty".. Everyone in the list is
| not American so not imperialist... We hate you and your duty... I'll better
| send the message BOYCOTT ALL AMERICAN PRODUCTS.... This could be a virtue
| for every novel (not american) man....

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