URL semantics extension for search engines

Dear reader,

As I've been proposing previously, the grown importance of search 
engines has brought this proposal back into attention.

The proposal was to extend the meaning of the URL semantic so it
could address inside a target document, similar to the way <A 
NAME="target"> does.

To clarify, extension would be to allow a form *example syntax*:


... which should open the document, and position the top of browser
window at first occurence of MIME inside rfc1341.txt

Another example:

We enter at search engine over RFCs a query "ESMTP".
This results in a number of matches over quite a few documents.
But we have to click on each link, and then do a
Edit/Find in this page/ESMTP to get to the position where it
occured and see the context.

This is SLOW and not practical.

Using above semantics (with or w/o syntax proposed back in 1995)
would do the trick: no matter how many matches we have, we get
to the first occurence at a single click.

Imagine we do a lot of searches on Google, and how much time and
hand and eye movement we save if browser positions us automatically on 
the place we found as "MATCH" in a long document with a single click!

This would make your competition envious, for sure!

I spoke on this newsgroup, as I believed enterprise spirit is here
the strongest. Please pardon my English.

Mirsad Todorovac

Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2003 06:54:37 UTC