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So if we defined something such as


with examples being:


This would provide both political and coordinates, and provide
the option to omit one or the other based on choice.


Ian Clelland wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 02:57:49PM -0500, Andre John Mas wrote:
>>Traditionally mirrors provide a reference to their geographic
>>location. While by no means a guarantee to improved transfer
>>The reason I suggest a grid-reference for geographic locality
>>is the this is language neutral and can easily be parsed and
>>used to estimate which mirror is likely to best based on
>>distance, without having to speak to each one. The geographic 
>>information could be added be component of the X-URI-RES
>>header (though this would necessitate a change in the spec):
>>X-URI-RES: <service uri> ; <service type> [; target uri] [; grid-ref]
> That's an interesting idea.. The problem I would have with it right now
> it that the Internet backbone tends to be laid down according to
> political boundaries, and not wholly geographic considerations.
> For example, Seattle will probably be closer (by bandwidth) to Chicago
> or New York than it is to Edmonton, which is geographically closer.
> ISO 3166 country codes are also language-neutral and easily parsed, and
> could be used in conjunction with grid references to avoid having to
> maintain a database of 'nearness' between countries.
> Ian Clelland
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