Re: comments? mirrors.txt

Perhaps RDF might be a more natural language for expressing the 
meta-data about the mirror itself?

Also, perhaps the RDF could provide a serialization format for the URI 
resolution.  So you could create the THTTP URI resolution service 
defined in RFC 2169 that uses the RDF as the source of its data?

Andre John Mas wrote:
> Thanks for the references. I have taken a look through the
> documentation and have a few comments:
> Traditionally mirrors provide a reference to their geographic
> location. While by no means a guarantee to improved transfer
> speeds, this is a useful reference, especially for clients that
> wish to use a single source for data transfers (as opposed
> to parallel downloads). Also a brief 'advertisment' of the name
> of the hosting service is provided. While this information is
> not necessary for accessing the data, I believe that this
> information should be provided on an optional basis. Some
> companies hosting the mirrors do want to have their name
> mentioned as for them it advertisment in exchange for service.

Justin Chapweske, Onion Networks

Received on Monday, 31 March 2003 15:07:20 UTC