Re: FPI Mythology (was: XHTML Considered Harmful)

On 29 Jun 2001 05:35:54 -0700, Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Arjun Ray wrote:
> >
> > (Personally, I think Dr. Goldfarb was right when he proposed "External
> > Subset Considered Harmful" for XML.  This message is not publicly
> > available because the W3C continues to keep the XML-SIG archive under
> > wraps in the Members Area of
> And presumably because Dr. Goldfarb hasn't thought it important enough to
> republish it in a public context (?).

I'm not sure that's allowed.  Leaks of XML-SIG discussion seem to
generate a good deal of complaining about leaks.

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