Re: XHTML's reception

At 12:21 2001-06-25 +0200, Clover Andrew wrote:
>Arjun Ray <> wrote:
> > the only way to inline scripts is put them in CDATA marked sections,
> > which in turn is guaranteed *not* to work in existing "HTML user
> > agents".
>On a non-political practical note, how about:
>   <script type="text/javascript"><!-- // --><![CDATA[
>     ...
>   //]]></script>
>Granted, it's aesthetically ghastly, but it would seem to satisfy
>HTML, XHTML and TagSoup parsers simultaneously. Can anyone see any
>technical problems with this construct?

Would even

   <script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[

be enough and specs following (with the same aesthetical reservations)?

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