Re: HTTP Protocol test script

"G. Wade Johnson" wrote:
> I don't know how appropriate this message is for this list, but...
> I have a Perl script designed for testing servers using the HTTP
> protocol. I'm using it to regression test servers that use HTTP and
> XML to serve data internal to a company network.
> This script is called (or if you want it
> without my suport libraries).
> I'm wondering if the people on this list would find it useful and
> would be willing to contribute ideas and critiques to the program.
> I hope to post the result to CPAN as a script for wide-spread use.
> Thanks,
> G. Wade

Now that I've shown the importance of engaging the brain before
pressing "Send," and can be found at the
following URL:

Sorry for not sending it the first time.

G. Wade

Received on Monday, 25 June 2001 21:32:51 UTC