Re: Advocacy By The Clueless Considered Even More Harmful

On Friday, June 15, 2001, at 12:48  AM, Arjun Ray wrote:

> Tag Soup is first and foremost a mentality.  Browsers written with
> that mentality as a target are not "forgiving".  They are enabling.
> And when high school students are introduced to the wonders of
> specific effects by commands inside of < and > signs, one thing is for
> sure.
> Tag Soup is Alive and Well.

You seem to be missing my entire point. Most people write web 
pages because they want something to appear on the screen. 
Period. End of story. I believe this is what you refer to by the 
"Tag Soup mentality". Well, I got news for you: this is  a 
mentality that extends far beyond HTML pages and as much as I 
would like, it's not going to change anytime soon.

We're a very WYSIWYG society. HTML is most understandable in an 
intuitive WYSIWYG way. That is why it's so hard to make decent 
WYSIWYG hypertext editors -- because people just don't get that 
kind of thing unless the benefits are plainly visible.

So let's make them visible.

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