Re: TAG and WWW Architecture

> >the public's trust does and will ultimately rest in the
> >continued soundness of the recommendations that W3C publishes.  The
> >point where those recommendations show up with faults (other than
> >self-serving resistance in certain instances of some in the community)
> >will be the time to object.

i have to disagree here.  imperfection is natural and inevitable in any 
specification.  if it weren't then there would be no real need for new 
versions of anything.  the imperfections will exist whether the TAG acts as 
a closed entity or not.  we're all human.

the time to object is when the public, the actual developers no longer have 
a say in things that directly affect them.  if that is the situation that 
the TAG will create then now is the time to object.

>Yes, the Technical Architecture Group is in the process of being put 
>together, and it is a good thing for the Web.  Without it, the W3C is at 
>risk of either a) promulgating un-coordinated Recommendations that reduce 
>the Web to chaos or b) spinning its wheels in endless internal coordination 
>(just as private as, and less discoverable than anything happening in the 
>TAG) without getting the product out.

creating the TAG as has been proposed may be good for the W3C, but just 
because the W3C has done good for the web so far doesn't make what's good 
for the W3C automatically and necessarily good for the web.

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Received on Saturday, 9 June 2001 14:13:45 UTC