Re: text/html for xml extensions of XHTML

Ian Hickson <> wrote:

> 2. Wanting to send XHTML with namespaced content to old browsers.
>  These documents will not be properly processed by older browsers
>  anyway, so just do what people do with PDF, frames, and so on, which is
>  to provide alternative versions for older browsers, or have an
>  introductory page explaining the requirements to view the content.

If I include a minor bit of namespaced content in my document (say, RDF
metadata -- which I certainly plan to do, or many other possibilites) it
will likely not change the vast majority of the document (RDF metadata will
not be visible to the average browser) and thus the document will be
properly processed by older browsers, or processed 90% correctly.

I think it is absolutely silly to force me to create two versions of every
document for no good reason. Please give us something we can add to our
text/html documents so that we can do this. I'd much rather add a but extra
to my document that have to make two versions of everything I do.

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Received on Sunday, 6 May 2001 23:45:44 UTC