Re: Transparent Content Negotiation & Search Engine Indexation


   I'm resurrecting a thread from January which I found during a web
search. Vincent-Olivier Arsenault was the original author, and I
wonder if he has received any replies from the search engines?

I operate a simple language negotioation web site where most content
exists in two languages, English and German. Most search engines seem
to see only the English version. But what's even worse is that ranking
engines like Google will interpret all links as links to the English
page, so even if I can make Google to read the German version by
putting an explicit link to the "" version on the English
page, it will probably be discarded very soon because apart from that
one link, nobody else will explicitly link the German page.

Do I have to throw the content negotiation away and simply have a
separate directory tree for each language?


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Received on Sunday, 22 April 2001 22:16:19 UTC