Re: Signing Document and PICS

Hi Russell,

Sorry about that. There was a problem with our server. The wot
schema is new; we need it for the rdfweb project we are working
on (a work in progress, and semi-vapourware - The
wot schema was designed by Dan Brickley, who works part of the time at
w3c, but it is not by any means official. You might want to look at the
xml digital signatures work for related IETF/W3C work in this area

So, the answer is that it is not widely used. But instead of doing your
own thing, would you consider helping us with the wot schema? We would
like to get this right, and your input would be much appreciated.

all the best

Libby Miller

> Thanks, I couldn't find this before fo some reason.
> Um, I take it that wot is not related to the W3C.  How widely accepted is
> this?  Should I consider doing my own thing?
> (I also wasn't subscribed to this list for some reason.  Hopefully I'm
> subscribed now.  I enjoyed reading Simon's posts in the archives.)
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