Re: Proposal for an "address:" URI Scheme

> Oh dear! Well, in that case it would probably be a good idea to make
> the first "section" of the URI (the piece of data preceeding the first
> occurance of a slash) the internationally recognized country code,
> following ISO standard 639 [1]  for standard two bit country codes.
> However, in practise these are usually quite distinct from postal
> addresses... i.e. country codes aren't meant to be all that readable
> as they can only consist of two characters. Therefore, it might be
> useful to have a human readable form after the country code itself:-
> address:ru/Russia/00000/xxx/us

This problem is more general than simply country codes/names.  Might I
suggest something like:


...where each section has both a `canonical' and a `presentation'
form?  You may wish to use something other than a colon, but I don't
follow uri close enough anymore to know what else might be a good

Oh, and *definately* change the name of the scheme from `address'.
Offhand, `geo' sounds reasonable.

Received on Thursday, 15 March 2001 23:25:21 UTC