Re: Proposal for an "address:" URI Scheme

Sean B. Palmer <> wrote:

> address:U.S.A./MA%2002139/Cambridge/545%20Tech%20Square/World%20Wide%2
> 0Web%20Consortium/

Hmm, an interesting idea. Well, considering that the syntax of an address is
specified (or not) by the country, perhaps it should be better written as:


where the authority section is the ISO (or whatever) two-letter country

> address:US/MA%2002139/Cambridge/545%20Tech%20Square/W3C/

An even more abbreviated from (since zip codes are unambiguous within the
US) would be:



And I don't like address too much, to much URI is a name/address confusion.
How about something like location: or place:? And you should probably throw
in a lat/long authority for good measure. Oh, and to be really extensible
you should add provisions for other planets.

"address: are assumed to be on planet Earth except when specified


Do other planets get to use the triple slash?


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Received on Thursday, 15 March 2001 20:33:16 UTC