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using MIME multipart/mixed

From: Pravin Singhal <pravin@slamdunknetworks.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 10:23:09 -0800
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How can I send 2 files from the server in one stream (in one request from

the client). I have been trying to achieve this

using multipart/mixed format. I am able to do this with Netscape browser but

not with IE.

Can IE handle multipart/mixed message from the server correctly.

The server is sending a Content-Type as multipart/mixed. The message

consists of 2 body parts and

each has a Content-Type set to octet-stream. Netscape prompts the file

dialog twice and for each file

get the name from Content-Disposition of each body part (and this is the

desired behavior by me).

It seems IE fails to understand the message and simply displays the whole

message with all the headers etc.

RFC 2616 (HTTP 1.1) states "In general, an HTTP user agent SHOULD follow the

same or similar behavior as

an MIME user agent would upon receipt of a multipart type."

Is this a known bug (non compliance with HTTP protocol) with IE( 5.0 and

5.5) or I am doing something stupid.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Pravin Singhal.


Please also reply to pravin@slamdunknetworks.com

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