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HTTP/1.1 Authentication : How to do base64 encoding?

From: <susan_khor@macg.panasonic.com.my>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 21:56:29 -0400 (EDT)
To: www-talk@w3.org, jsm@jmarshall.com
Message-ID: <48256786.0009A6B5.00@MACG.PANASONIC.COM.MY>
Hi there,

I'm trying to build a "gateway" to a secured website, which I have access
to. I've read the HTTP spec on Authentication,
and would like to test the Authentication header. However, I believe I need
to encode user-id:password string to base64.
So far I've hadn't any luck trying to find out about base64 and how to
encode strings to this type.

Appreciate any pointers and hints. Thank You.

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