Re: when is it http/1.1

>The question is at what point is it more informative (to user-agents) to
>label your server as "http/1.1"?  

RFC 2145 "Use and Interpretation of HTTP Version Numbers." J. C. Mogul, R.
     Fielding, J. Gettys, H. Frystyk. May 1997. (Format: TXT=13659 bytes)
     (Status: INFORMATIONAL)

# Details on obtaining RFCs via FTP or EMAIL may be obtained by sending
# an EMAIL message to:  rfc-info@ISI.EDU 
# with the message body help: ways_to_get_rfcs.  

# For example:

# To: rfc-info@ISI.EDU
#  Subject: getting rfcs

#  help: ways_to_get_rfcs

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