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At 03:45 PM 3/3/98 +1100, Dudley Mills wrote:
>Could www-talk be moderated so that the unedifying and scurrilous is
>returned to the author unpublished? Emotion produces heat not light.

I think anyone should be allowed, within reasonable limits, to make foolish
proposals, including making unfounded implications that criticism is merely
emotion.  Peer pressure is usually sufficient to weed out the nonsense, as
it was in this case.  Moderation would be going too far.

I unintentionally copied a personal note to Dan Connolly to the whole list,
asking him if he was being sarcastic, which can be very difficult to
discern in written communications.  I couldn't quite believe that a
rational fellow like Dan, working for a standards body, would support the
notion of patenting something that cries out to be an open, public
standard.  It turns out that he was expressing appreciation for one of the
responses, if I understand correctly.  And I agree wholly -- the thread
quickly demonstrated the foolishness of the proposal.  But it doesn't
warrant further discussion and I will refrain.


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