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[www-talk] <none> ashok (Friday, 26 December)

[www-talk] <none> ashok (Friday, 26 December)

[www-talk] <none> ashok (Friday, 26 December)

[www-talk] <none> ashok (Friday, 26 December)

Re: New Free Educational Software ashok (Friday, 26 December)

Re: Software Training ashok (Friday, 26 December)

[www-talk] <none> ashok (Friday, 26 December)

know any URI addressing schemes that I don't? Dan Connolly (Saturday, 20 December)

web-privacy mailing list April Marine (Friday, 19 December)

Limit on <TEXTAREA> Diana.L.Runski@PAX01.usace.army.mil (Friday, 19 December)

Temporary HTTP-WG mailing list Koen Holtman (Friday, 19 December)

User Petition on Standards to Netscape and Microsoft Steven Clift (Thursday, 18 December)

Incorporating libwww into custom client/server app David Botham (Wednesday, 17 December)

[FYI] Temporarily closing this list to foreign submissions jose.kahan@w3.org (Thursday, 11 December)

Single Sign-On / Multiple Servers. Michael G. Xenakis (Friday, 5 December)

SSL in java Biren R. Shah (Tuesday, 25 November)

New Working Draft of XML published Bert Bos (Monday, 24 November)

unsubcrible Zhu Mingyong (Sunday, 23 November)

New mailing list on 'content negotiation' Larry Masinter (Sunday, 23 November)

www-ftp-mail servers misis (Friday, 21 November)

anyone got a YACC HTML grammar? D.White@mcs.surrey.ac.uk (Wednesday, 19 November)

Form-based Device Input and Upload in HTML James Salsman (Wednesday, 12 November)

[www-talk] <none> misis (Tuesday, 18 November)

[www-talk] <none> S.RAJAVEL (Monday, 3 November)

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