Getting the domain from a request under HTTP/1.0


I've got a problem that I don't think is solvable using HTTP/1.0.  Our
site here ( is supporting multiple companies
under subdirectories.  Each of these companies has registered a 
domain name (for example, Westwind have registered that
has the IP address  Now to get Westwind at the moment
you access the HTTPd with and it 
basically becomes a request to for the directory westwind.

Simple enough, however, some people have put out their URL as
'' without the directory name.  My question is 
this: under HTTP/1.1 the client should send through the entire URI
in it's header (GET HTTP/1.1) or include 
the 'Host:' field.  However, HTTP/1.0 is not as clever and, as I have
noticed, clients don't send through the address.  So, how can I get
it from an HTTP/1.0 request?

If you're interested, the server at was written
by me 8 months ago.  It supports the then HTTP/1.0 protocol but hasn't
been upgraded to HTTP/1.1 yet.  I'm working on it :)

Anyway, thanks for any help,

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