Sending applets to servers (was Java and HTML and well known socket numbers)

Paul Prescod said in <>:

> ...if you have a big data source ...  to do a really wonky query
> ..., I might... upload my applet and you can bill me for the CPU...
James Aylett <> replied in

    ...isn't this a usage in which a daemon is a bad way of doing

It is a generalization of uploading queries to servers.  Instead of
being restricted by the server's query language, you can provide your
own filters.  A very sensible application.

    Bearing in mind that you're charging people, it makes more sense
    to send the applet to a person than a computer...

? I don't understand this at all.  People are charged for many
services not provided by people.

    ...In addition, and even if you weren't charging people, how could
    you stop people say uploading a Java applet... where it just spent
    a while chugging away on your server doing part of an encryption
    breaking job then communicating the result back...

_Especially_ if you're not charging, you're open to this sort of
use/abuse.  If you _are_ charging, why consider it abuse at all?  If
you're getting a lot of unrelated computational traffic, perhaps
you're undercharging....


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