(Fwd) Invited Talk at FOCUS'97 in Rome / R E S E N D

Dear Mr. Berners- Lee,

6 weeks ago I have sent a request to you. Obviously you did not get my email,

Therefore I am resending this email to a variety of your email- addresses found
in  http://query1.whowhere.com/jwz/name.wsrch?name=Tim+Berners-Lee&org=
in order to have a better chance that one of these emails will reach you.

Would you please be so kind as to give me an answer as soon as possible ?

Thank you,

Hans- Werner Meuer

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From: "Hans-Werner Meuer" <meuer>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 16:25:41 -0600
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To: timbl@w3.org (Tim Berners-Lee)
Subject: Invited Talk at FOCUS'97 in Rome, September 17 - 19, 1997


herewith we invite you to give an invited talk at above congress
(http://www.save.de/save/focus/int_congress.html) about

" Commerce in the Web  today and tomorrow" (preliminary title)

FOCUS is the international roof organization of  the Siemens IT User Groups in
the world.

FOCUS  is organizing the International Siemens IT User Congress every three
years. The 8th Congress will take place in Rome 1997. I am a member of the
FOCUS'97 programme committee.

We do expect appr. 700 participants from all over the world.

For your efforts we are in the position to pay you US $ 8000,-- , plus travel

Please let me know whether you will accept.


Hans - Werner Meuer

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