URL schemes indexing into dokuments?

Hi, weblanders!

The following may sound like a newcomers question, but be
assured I have some interesting plans ;-)

As I fiddled around with sound and other multi-media-
documents, I came across a question:

Let's say I have an audio file. It is no problem at all
to get it and let it play. 

Now I wonder wether it is possible with existing tools
(perhaps java, or whatever) to get a part of such
a document described by an index or a timecode or
something like that.

E.g. I have a recorded interview just as one big sound-file
(which might have some megabytes). If I want to reference only
a part of the document, let's say just one sentence spoken,
can I direct my browser by any method not to get the whole file
but the relevant part only?

Has anybody already planned an URL-schemes for sub-file-data.
Are there any standard method of making non-standard data-formats

Any suggestions?

Please mail hints to Adrian.Wallaschek@Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE

Thanks in advance,

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