Re: <OL>, stylesheets, HTML3, Netscape2.0

>>>>> "WIK" == Walter Ian Kaye <> writes:

WIK> At 10:15p 05/13/96, Brendan Seaton wrote:
>> Mirsad Todorovac <> wrote:
>>> Is there a way outside of CSS to change numbering style of <OL>
>>> elements, and/or bullet style of <UL> elements.
>>> I've tried with Netscape-2.0, and it fails to render even
>>> something that simple as <UL PLAIN> or <MENU> as specified in
>>> HTML3 draft (bullets remain).
>>  Internet Explorer does display <MENU> lists without bullets.
>> Incidentally, <MENU> is part of HTML _2.0_, not 3.0; the unbulleted
>> rendering is only a suggestion, however.

WIK> (First: there are so many cc'd people on this message I don't
WIK> know what to delete safely, so please excuse any duplicates
WIK> received...)

  [I took www-html off the list of recipients.]

WIK> I have noticed many web pages using <DL><DD> or sometimes
WIK> <BLOCKQUOTE> for indenting a block of text. How bad is this
WIK> usage?

 Look at your own message.  How did you indicate the words of previous

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