Re: URL schemes containing +, -, or .

Martin Hamilton <> writes:

> I have an Internet Draft (draft-hamilton-whois-url-00.txt) which
> specifies a URL format for the WHOIS++ protocol using the scheme
> "whois."  Now, it's been suggested that there really ought to be
> separate schemes for the old WHOIS protocol, WHOIS++, and RWhois
> ...
>                    Please let me know if your stuff will go gaga
> when it sees "whois++://" !

Are there browsers that handle any "whois" scheme?

As the number of schemes that we want to be a part of the Web
increases, it becomes increasingly unreasonable not to have
user-configurable external handler applications for the various
schemes just as most browsers now permit the user to configure
external viewing applications by mimetype.

Has anyone actually provided for external handlers?

Is anyone thinking about it?

                                   -- Bill

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