Call For Speakers

The Northwest Developers' Conference will be held in Seattle on June 26-27,
sponsored by the Washington Software Association (1200+ members), and
co-sponsored by companies such as Wall Data and Microsoft.

One of the tracks is "Internet Authoring and Electronic Commerce", with one
slot open to address "HTML Authoring". If you are interested in presenting
at this conference, please contact me directly (due to volume, I do not
monitor this list). More detailed information is available via fax or email.

Audience will be a variety of industry professionals, weighted towards the
developer side of the profession. As such, the flavor of the talk is best
targeted to the nuts and bolts of authoring HTML pages, with particular
reference to methodologies to achieve exceptional results. (In other words,
this audience is not a "helicopter view" group of executives.) We
specifically want to AVOID "plain vanilla" authoring, since many of the
conference attendees already know about that.

Mike Culver
Extencia, Inc.

Received on Friday, 10 May 1996 10:28:11 UTC