Director-free branch

Hi all,

It took me longer that I thought after the last AC meeting and AB F2F, but I have now set up a branch of the process called director-free to explore what the Process would like without a director.

This attempts to reflect my understanding of the consensus of the AB on areas where there was one, using my own sense of how things might work to fill in the blanks.

director-free process:

This is definitely not final, but it should be detailed enough that we can now iterate using individual issues. I've already done so for the issues noted inline in the document: Please discusse there or open additional issues in and use "[director-free]" in the title as well as "director-free" as a label if you have the access-rights to put labels.

In particular, note the straw-man proposal for a mechanism to replace the Director's appointments to the TAG, loosely based on the concept evoked during the TAG-AB joint-session in Quebec. Feedback from the TAG is very welcome on that topic. Most of it is in, although there are some smaller changes to neighboring sections to integrate it.


Received on Monday, 20 May 2019 14:22:46 UTC