Re: W3C Polyfill service?

So part of this discussion ended up in the TAG finding on polyfills. Is 
there more to do?


On 19/10/16 10:46, Andrew Betts wrote:
> At a W3C Japan meeting in Tokyo yesterday, which I attended at Keio 
> University, polyfills were mentioned frequently (I noticed this 
> particularly because it was one of the few words I could understand 
> when presentations were in Japanese).
> Satoru Takagi from KDDI (a large mobile operator) subsequently 
> suggested to me that W3C could provide an 'official' source of 
> spec-compliant polyfills for new features (something like 
> " <>"), and adopting 
> <> as a starting point for this would 
> seem to be a sensible approach.
> His slides:
> As the maintainer of <>, I'm open to 
> this idea.  There's precedent for this in things like the validator 
> services W3C operates, and there would likely be huge developer 
> interest and adoption. W3C could bring governance and administration 
> support to the project and the existing participants could continue to 
> perform their existing roles.
> I mentioned it to Mike Smith at the event, and he was skeptical, but I 
> thought it worth asking if anyone thinks this is worth pursuing.
> Cheers,
> Andrew

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