"Incognito Mode" Feedback on "Self-Review Questionnaire: Security and Privacy"

Dear TAG,

In the Web Payments Working Group, a task force reviewed some of our specifications using
the checklist "Self-Review Questionnaire: Security and Privacy." Section 3.14 [1] refers to
considerations when in “incognito mode.” We have two comments based on our experience.

1) The first is editorial: “Incognito Mode” is specific to Google. Although the term appears in quotes,
   our feedback is that the checklist should probably use a generic term such as “private browsing

2) The second is more substantive: because there is no standard behavior among browsers for
     a private browsing mode, we did not feel we could offer standard guidance to developers
     on how to manage payment app behavior in such a mode.

Further clarity in the questionnaire would help us determine what, if anything, to add
to our specification.

Thank you,

Adam Roach (Mozilla) and Ian Jacobs (W3C)

[1] https://www.w3.org/TR/security-privacy-questionnaire/#incognito

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Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2016 18:23:31 UTC