CfC: Transition "Secure Contexts" to CR; deadline October 1st.

BCC: www-tag@, public-webapps@, public-privacy@, public-geolocation@,

Hello, WebAppSec! Two weeks ago, I noted that Secure Contexts was pretty
much done, and ready to review (
I've made some changes to the doc based on feedback during that period
(thanks mostly to Anne), and I think we're close enough to call it done and
see if anyone points out crazy things I've missed. :)

This is a call for consensus to transition to Candidate Recommendation with
the document at:

The core of the specification is already implemented in Chrome and Firefox,
and is used in a number of specifications to gate certain features (like
Service Workers) to contexts which offer guarantees about their usage. I
expect those implementations can align with the specification fairly
quickly, and I don't believe anything in the document needs to be marked as
"at risk".

As discussed on public-webapps@, this document references WHATWG documents
in several places where the W3C version is out of date. A list of the
referenced terms are available for review at

The deadline for this CfC is one week from today, October 1st. As always,
explicit (positive!) feedback to is appreciated!

Mike West <>, @mikewest

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