Payments as well. Re: Agenda: <keygen> being destroyed when we need it

The idea that SOP is the only viable security model on the Web is to 99%
the reason to why we after 20 years with card payments on the Web still
use methods which (unlike the stated problems <keygen>) have proved any
number of times to be neither Secure, Convenient, nor Distributable.

That Android Pay and Apple Pay haven't made to the Web comes to no surprise.

That these guys ( after 1 year of operation
still haven't taken on the SOP issue is yet another indication that there's
an imminent need bringing this debate out in the open.

This seems like a very suitable topic for a Technical Architecture Group!

It doesn't have to be a dirty flame-war :-)


Received on Sunday, 13 September 2015 05:12:07 UTC