Re: Sub-domain granularity: the poverty of the domain name as the only hook for security

On 16 March 2015 at 12:39, Tim Berners-Lee <> wrote:
> It seems simpler and more powerful to just extend the current origin policy but introduce the '/' as well as the DNS '.' in the hierarchy of origins.

Certainly simpler, but how do you plan to deal with legacy content.  I
guess that the only way you can is to have parent origins disable
privileges for children in a declarative fashion.  i.e., can say that can't have
its toys.  The inverse causes existing things to break.

For a lot of cases, that means you'd need a combination of a blanket
down-privilege statement, plus some selective up-privilege clauses. has all the rights, but
doesn't.  BTW, I don't find the github example especially compelling,
because I don't believe that github wants to cede control over project
pages entirely, just the public spaces that they (currently) provide

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