Support of ftp-scheme URIs (was: Re: ftp: no longer supported by Chome?)

FWIW: integrating FTP content into the Web was one of the original goals 
that Tim set for URIs and the Web:

"By Universal I mean that the web is declared to be able to contain in 
principle every bit of information accessible by networks. It was designed 
to be able to include existing information systems such as FTP, and to be 
able simply in the future to be extendable to include any new information 
system. "

The TAG also has historically kept an eye on the degree to which widely 
used implementations (think IE, Firefox, Apache, IIS, etc.) implemented Web 
standards. ftp-scheme URIs are such a standard and Chrome is obviously 

> If you would like to suggest the TAG issue a finding on FTP’s place int he web then please submit some ideas on this topic (under a new subject header).

I agree, that's the right way to frame the question. Whether this is worth 
the TAG's attention right now I'm not sure, but I believe it's in scope and 
very much in the spirit of issues the TAG has in the past chosen to pursue. 
I've changed the subject line :-).



On 1/21/2015 12:25 PM, Domenic Denicola wrote:
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>> Yes, I think it is *germane* to the topic of moving the web to only accept material over encrypted connections.
> How is Chrome's FTP support not working on certain peoples computers (but working on others) relevant to "moving the web to only accept material over encrypted connections"?

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